Alignment Services

Alignment Service

Computerized Wheel Alignment
The #1 Reason for Irregular and fast tire wear AND the Best Investment to protect your tires. 
It doesn't take much to knock a vehicle out of alignment: potholes, curbs and even regular wear and tear can take a toll on your vehicle's alignment.

When your vehicles suspension system is out of alignment, it can lead to uneven and premature tire wear, which can shorten the life expectancy of your tires. When your vehicle is properly aligned, your tires can last longer and give you a more comfortable driving experience.
Our alignment service includes:
  • Inspecting your suspensions system
  • Taking Computer Measurements
  • Making the factory adjustments to restore proper alignment
We have three options for your alignment service.  Ask your technician about our Extended Alignment Options!
  1. A One-Time alignment service that includes a 90-day warranty.
  2. A 3-Year alignment service that allows you to bring your vehicle in to any Discount Tire Centers during regular business hours to receive an alignment for 3-years from the date of original purchase.
  3. A lifetime alignment service providing you with an alignment service during regular business hours for as long as you own your vehicle
See our alignment warranty policies or visit your local Discount Tire Center for further details.

FREE Alignment Check

Present at any Discount Tire Centers. Some restrictions apply, see store for details. Valid with purchase of any 2 or more tires (on same vehicle tires are purchased on). Expires 1/31/2018.
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