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FAQ's: Where To Find & How To Read Your Tire Size

Discount Tire Centers understands that buying tires can be confusing. We  would like your tire-buying experience to be as simple as possible, which is why we've given you a breakdown of some of the terms and numbers associated with your tires.  Look for the string of letters and numbers on the side of your tires. Below is a key of what they mean and why they are important.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us and we'll be able to give you a price for the tire size needed for your particular vehicle.

The Service Description on a tire generally follows the Tire Size Code. It typically consists of a 2-digit number and a letter.

How To Read The Numbers on Your Tires
The 2-digit number referred to as the Load Index is code associated with the maximum weight the tire can carry. This number ranges from 71-98

The letter defines the Speed Rating of the tire. This indicates the maximum speed the tires can sustain for a 10-minute endurance test. Below are some of the more common ratings.

  • S - 112 mph
  • T - 118 mph
  • H - 130 mph
  • V - 149 mph
  • Z - Over 149 mph

There is much more information these numbers can provide on the side of your tire. If you would like to learn more, our professional staff would be happy to explain all the terms and codes on the side of your tires. Give us a call or stop by your local Discount Tire Center tire shop with any questions. We look forward to servicing your vehicle.

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